Protein Puzzle



Test to determine origin of existence by evaluation of logical premise for true conclusion

P1: If a system's successful replication relies on the accuracy of its contained information,
P2: and if structures of the contained information often degrade thereby affecting accuracy,
P3: yet the system also scans for and corrects degrades thereby maintaining accuracy,
C: then that system was Designed with purpose for and to ensure its successful replication.

In other words: if none of the information within that system was vulnerable to change, and if we had no history related to the origin of that system, then it would be impossible to determine with absolute certainty whether that system was either designed or caused by accident. So one could argue that DNA pairing errors caused by degrade of DNA structures were intentionally designed to occur in order to justify the requirement for the DNA error correction features, so that we could perceive that the existence of the living cell through way in which it functions could only have become possible if it was Designed (therefore as a message of confirmation which would only be revealed to us at a certain period in time through appropriate means of technology, made possible by and from The Creator).

Moreover, No automated system that both relies on the accuracy of its information and endeavours to maintain its relevant information structure could exist unless it was caused by intention.

And as the function of each type of atom is limited to principle of restriction regardless of time, therefore the functions of the living cell had to be Decided before the atoms came into existence, as product manufacture is limited to the existence of available components. Note that: Physical cooperative function is relative to both Time and physical Proportion, as without appropriate proportion cooperative function may not be possible.

Any theory that hinges on even a partial fallacy, is a complete fallacy. If you add a list of sub totals and if just one of those totals is only slightly wrong, then the grand total will be false, regardless of how many sub totals there are on the list. For example: If someone says that the error correction features that endeavour to support the consistency of DNA was caused by evolution, then ask them to mathematically demonstrate how such relevance would be possible without there being any means of applied intention.

Let's run another test through logical premise for true conclusion

P1: If our existence occured through 'evolution' which could only be subject to the atoms,
P2: and if the function of each type of atom is consistently limited to a restrictive behaviour,
C: then the existence of physical life is due to Consistent Restriction and Not evolution.

But here's the Great irony: All scientists already Know this, that's why they believe in 'The Periodic Table of The Elements' which is as declaration and reference to the fact that the Restrictive nature of each type of atom is Consistent regardless of time. And scientists who have conceived theories of an 'abiogenesis' to explain their ideas of the first living cell assembling by some sort of 'mindless chance', even those ideas depend on the restrictive nature of the atoms remaining consistent regardless of time. However, the unavoidable Consistent Restriction that is Required to both enable and support physical life is Subtly swept under the carpet by those who teach of 'abiogenesis', as if by meaning to keep our attention drawn to an imagination of 'mindless chance'.

Note that in order for the relative CHON elements to be relevant for use in DNA and to serve as a means of information when assembled as DNA, decomposition of molecules had to also be possible. So in other words: the Bonding methods whereby the relative atoms both construct and deconstruct had to be both relevant to the assembly of DNA and all the manufacturing processes of the living cell, as ability to manufacture also depends on the existence of recycled elements.

There are those who say: "because it is possible, therefore it is probable". But they ignore that the probability of physical life occuring on the basis of a Relevant Consistent Restriction which both exists in and depends on multiple Relative elements: could only be possible if it was made possible.

Moreover, it is only possible to complete the assembly of a puzzle if each of its relevant pieces were made as to be relative to another, Or if the pieces of the puzzle originate from a whole.. Yet each required piece has to also be available and within close proximity to support the means of ability for assembly.

So no matter how anyone wants to perceive the possibility and/or probability of our existence, physical life has Always been and Remains subject to the Restrictive Principle of behaviour by which the atoms Consistently function. And if all this comes from a so called "big bang", then Who caused that Bang? As the reality of Life obviously exists as a hidden Motivation of commitment behind the nature of the physical atoms.



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